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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation has awarded support to over 100 programs and projects so far in 2015. Grants and scholarships have totaled $15,000,000 as of yet, and reach around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Croatia  – $100,000
    Expand dormitory to house young women needing a safe and spiritually enriching environment
  • Czech Republic  – $100,000 
    Medical care and food for convalenscencing children
  • Estonia – $60,000 
    Subsidy of the Apostolic Administration of Estonia in the Diocese of Pertusa
  • Georgia – $65,906
    Psycho-social rehabilitation daycare program for poor children from broken or abusive families
  • Latvia – $50,000 
    Renovation of the Bishop's residence in the Diocese of Liepaja
  • Lithuania – $40,000 
    Pay the remaining debt for construction of a Pastoral Center in the Diocese of Siaulial
  • Lithuania – $50,000 
    Fund the second phase of reconstruction for the Curial building in the Diocese of Kaisiadorys
  • Poland – $50,000 
    Restoration of the Chapel of Loreto still badly damaged from WWII
  • Poland – $66,000 
    Renovation of a group home for people who are disabled
  • Romania – $65,750
    Renovation of a training center for lay persons and development of the evangelical program
  • Romania – $100,000 
    Third phase of construction for the Medical-Social Center for Recovery and Counseling
  • Russia – $33,000 
    Repair and restoration of the Church of the Most Holy Mother of God in Vladisvostok
  • Russia – $65,000 
    Construction of a house for social and pastoral work of the Missionary Sisters 
  • Slovakia – $25,500 
    Expansion of "Koinonia Jan Krestitel" Community Center in Vysny Klatov
  • Slovakia – $38,900
    Preservation of the Church of Saint Nicholas and its cultural heritage
  • Slovakia – $50,000 
    Renew, rebuild and reconstruct the Triensko retreat area
  • Ukraine – $30,000 
    Reconstruction of the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Svaljava
  • Ukraine – $100,000 
    Construction of Saint Sophia's Church and Pastoral Center at Ukrainian Catholic University
  • Ukraine – $50,900 
    Design and install the heating system for Major Seminary
  • Ukraine – $30,000 
    Food, medical supplies and clothing for the hungry and sick in Storozhynetz and outlying villages
  • Ukraine – $100,000 
    Construction of a home for retired and infirmed priests
  • Warsaw/Prague – $75,200 
    Protection and shelter for children and teens who are endangered by poverty


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The Middle East

  • Israel – $70,000 
    Construction of a student residence in Haifa
  • Lebanon, et al – $1,000,000 
    Renovation of a former convent to become a center for formation and support for families
  • Lebanon, et al – $1,000,000 
    Food and educational support for 400 Syrian refugees families and their children

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  • Angola – $47,400 
    Construction of the Evangelization Center operated by the Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku
  • Angola – $100,000 
    Third phase completion of infrastructure for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary
  • Angola – $78,800 
    Pews for Holy Trinity Parish
  • Angola – $55,000 
    Construction of a chapel, classrooms and dormitories to expand Cristo Rei Seminary
  • Burkina Faso – $100,000 
    Construction of a multipurpose room for the College Sainte Marie girls' high school
  • Burkina Faso – $68,000 
    Construction and furnishings for a preschool
  • Burundi – $100,000 
    Construction of a Youth Center
  • Cameroon– $100,000 
    Construction and furnishings of a skilled nursing facility for aged and infirmed sisters
  • Cameroon– $47,350 
    Restoration of Christ the King College
  • Cameroon– $60,300 
    Third phase of construction of four classrooms for San Gabriel Primary School
  • Congo– $40,420
    Assistance for girls who have HIV/AIDS and establishing a house for the orphans
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo – $26,139
    Renovation of the Novitiate house for the Sisters of the Holy Family of Kisangani
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo – $100,000 
    Restoration of Motherhouse of the Little Sisters of the Gospel
  • Eritrea – $36,000 
    Computer lab with Internet access at Inter-Eparchial Major Seminary
  • Ethiopia – $100,000 
    Construction and furnishings for two classrooms, bathroom and kitchen facility at Goma Village school
  • Ethiopia – $97,892
    Archdiocese of Addis Ababa: purchase of equipment & systems for computer-aided drawing & engineering lab at Ethiopian Catholic University
  • Ethiopia – $64,700 
    Construction of a town school for Debre-Markos in Bahir Dar Pastoral Territory
  • Ghana – $35,000 
    Church renovation, classroom construction and purchase of a tractor for Saint Joseph Parish
  • Ghana – $50,000 
    Estabish an education program in the new Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center
  • Kenya – $56,100 
    Center for children rejected by their parents because of illness and poverty
  • Kenya – $100,000 
    Construction of a new convent 
  • Kenya – $52,322
    Construction of the Bishop's residence
  • Nigeria – $130,000 
    Phase one construction of six buildings on campus of Loyola Jesuit University
  • Malawi – $100,000 
    Construction of the Bishop's residence and Curial offices
  • Mozambique – $22,000 
    Construction of a parish church 
  • Mozambique – $123,000 
    Renovation of a center for resources and distance learning at the University of Mozambique
  • Mozambique – $100,000 
    Construction and furnishings for a bio-molecular laboratory at the Carmelo Hospital
  • Sierra Leone – $99,000 
    Construction of the Church of Saint Daniel's in Aberdeen
  • South Africa – $25,000
    Replacement of grass-thatched roofs for two churches
  • South Sudan – $72,016
    Restoration of Holy Family Parish Church in Palotaka
  • South Sudan – $100,000 
    Construction of a convent for the Missionary Sisters
  • Tanzania– $78,700
    Printing of a "Shorter Version of the Liturgy of the Hours for the Laity" in Kiswahili language
  • Tanzania– $52,900
    Financing for phase one and part of phase two construction of the new Cathedral of Arusha
  • Tanzania– $100,000
    Completion of a girls' hostel at Tanga Don Bosco Technical Secondary School
  • Togo– $75,000
    Continue construction of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish church in Atchanve
  • Uganda– $50,700
    Construction of a Center for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation
  • Uganda– $120,000
    Construction of a Alumni-Student Centrer at Uganda Martyrs University
  • Uganda– $71,400
    Construction of a new church in Kabale
  • Zambia– $20,000
    Funds to defray the cost of education for mission parishes and students in remote areas
  • Zambia– $22,000
    Renovation of Saint Francis Xavier Jesuit Novitiate
  • Zambia– $60,900
    Construction of a house for priests serving at Saint Agatha Parish


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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $45,000 
    Purchase of a building for the Missionaries of the Fraternal Mission Verbum Dei 
  • Argentina – $68,000 
    Expansion of Instituto Nuestra Senora de la Misericordia Primary and Secondary School
  • Argentina – $50,000 
    Expansion of the John Paul II School to include the primary and secondary level students
  • Argentina – $100,000
    Expand and remodel the Chapel of Santa Bernadita
  • Argentina – $100,000
    Construction of a home and drug rehad center for at risk-youth
  • Argentina – $34,000
    Expansion of the Nuestra Senora de la Consolacion program for toddlers and kindergarteners
  • Belize – $50,000
    Construction of a parish rectory at La Immaculada Concepcion
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Support for the formation of seminarians
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Financial assistance for the Diocesan radio station
  • Brazl – $62,000
    Expansion of a chapel for the Seminary of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Colombia – $150,000
    Construction of San Juan Bautista Parish Church
  • Colombia – $62,400
    Support for the formation of seminarians at Misionero del Espiritu Santo Seminary
  • Colombia – $145,182
    Construction of bedrooms, bathrooms, recreation room and corridors for Saint Joseph Monastery
  • Colombia – $25,300
    Fund an intensive course on the New Testament for 60 priests of the Diocese
  • Colombia – $131,700
    Support the Ana Luisa Kindergarten to care for displaced children
  • Colombia – $55,000
    Construction of a chapel and guest apartment at the Refugio del Corazon de Jesus Monastery
  • Honduras – $20,000
    Finish construction of the Sagrado Corazon Chapel of Sisters
  • Honduras – $104,000
    Construction of a residence for 34 adolescent boys from rural and indigenous families
  • Mexico – $300,000
    Construction of a home for elderly and infirmed priests
  • Nicaragua – $62,400
    Construction of Casa de Retiro Monte Carmelo Chapel in San Marcos
  • Peru – $50,000
    Construction of a chapel and Sisters' Choir for the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Saint Joseph Monastery
  • Peru – $100,000
    Central heating, furnishings, kitchen/laundry equipment for Nuestra Sra del Carmen Seminary
  • Peru – $70,300
    Construction and furnishings for the Juan Pablo II Day Care Center for the Elderly


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  • Bangladesh – $100,000 
    Land to establish a school to be operated by Salesian Sisters of Mary Immaculate
  • Bangladesh – $50,000 
    Property for the Juniorate of the Missionaries of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate
  • China – $50,000 
    Funding the work of evangelization in mainland China
  • India – $100,000 
    Construction of Diocesan Administrative Center for a newly established Diocese
  • India – $49,320 
    Construction of a multipurpose center for marginalized Dalit women
  • India – $79,975
    Construction of a ten-classroom building for Saint Aloysius Higher Secondary School
  • India – $183,333
    Construction of the Diocese of Shimoga Pastoral Center
  • Iran– $102,000 
    Health care and food assistance 
  • Myanmar– $45,000 
    Construction of a church for Saint Paul Catholic Mission Center
  • Myanmar– $100,000 
    Provide business skills and training for women and youth 

The Pacific

  • The Philippines – $85,000 
    Begin construction of the new Benedictine Celestine Monastery of the Immaculate Convent
  • The Philippines – $100,000 
    Repair and retrofit buildings at Girlstown and Boystown damaged by the recent earthquake and typoon
  • The Philippines – $10,345
    Audiovisual equipment to support formation of priestly candidates at Little Way College Seminary
  • The Philippines – $10,000 
    Purchase host-baking equipment to generate income for Carmelite Monastery
  • The Philippines – $18,000 
    Support the formation of 12 Vietnamese nationals for the Discalced Carmelite Sisters
  • The Philippines – $7,151
    Repair of the Missionaries Our Lady of Perpetual Help Convent damaged by the typhoon
  • The Philippines – $69,000 
    Repair the Monastery of the Holy Spirit damaged by the recent earthquake and typhoon


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  • Cuba – $ 100,000 
    Construction of Mons. Adolfo Rodriguez Herrera Home for the Elderly
  • Haiti – $ 9,479
    Construction of Saint Francis Xavier Church, Parish of Notre Dame de la Merci
  • Haiti – $ 30,000 
    Construction of a pastoral center and new parish for Our Lady Help of Christians in Soleil
  • Haiti – $ 89,660
    Construction of classrooms for education of poor, marginalized children of Saint Rose of Lima Parish

Europe and North America

  • Europe – $80,000 
    Fund theNew Women For Europe's program "Protection and Promotion of Motherhood"  
  • Rome – $80,000 
    Expansion of JPII Institute for Marriage and Family to Lebanon, Zambia, Korea, Colombia and Philippines
  • Rome – $50,000 
    Fund seminar courses, annual guest speakers and other activities at JPII Institute Marriage and Family
  • Rome – $95,350 
    Upgrade curriculum, library equipment and website for the Institute for Arabic & Islamic Studies
  • Rome – $70,000 
    Continued support for the Center for Child Protection of Pontifical Gregorian University
  • Rome – $75,000 
    Support for Dono di Maria to care for the homeless


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  • Holy See – $200,000
    Assist the Holy See's Strategic Communication Office of the Vatican
  • Forum for Catholic Inspired NGOs  – $100,000
    Consolidate efforts to foster authentic human rights and support Catholic social teaching
  • Pontifical Council for Social Communications  – $100,000
    Redesign and add new features to the Pope App 2.0



  • World Youth Alliance – $10,000
    General support
  • International Catholic Child Bureau – $6,000
    Participation in the International Congress on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Geneva
  • World Union of Catholic Teachers – $7,500
    General support 
  • International Movement of Apostolate in Independent Social Milieus – $7,000
    General support 
  • World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations – $8,000
    General support 
  • International Federation of Catholic Men-Unum Omnes – $5,000
    General support  
  • Association of International Charities – $8,000
    Collabrate with other interntional organizations addressing poverty and formation of volunteers 
  • International Coordination of Young Christian Workers – $25,400
    Fund participation in various meetings and conferences to promote decent work for youth
  • International Catholic Migration Commission   – $100,000
    Training and certification program in paramedical assistance for elderly at home 

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