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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation awarded support to over 100 programs and projects in 2013. Grants and scholarships totaled $8,600,000 and reached around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Croatia – $63,297
    Diocese of Zagreb: replace central heating system  in novitiate  bldg.  Srs of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Estonia – $60,000
    Assist Apostolic Administration in Estonia Subsidy   
  • Georgia – $59,680
    Caritas Georgia: further development of a Youth Rehabilitation Program children of extremely marginalized families in Tbilisi  
  • Georgia – $22,590
    Caritas Georgia:  expansion work carried out by the Caritas Home Care Division in Tbilisi
  • Greece – $100,000
    Bishops' Conference of Greece:  financial aid to the entire Catholic Church in Greece
  • Latvia – $45,212
    Archdiocese of Riga: support to subsidize oprating costs of Riga Catholic secondary School
  • Lithuania – $20,000
    Diocese of Kuanas: further development of evangelization activities Living Stones Community
  • Lithuania – $54,255
    Diocese of Rezekne-Aglona: Updating technical equip. & relocation of radio Station "Voce di Latgola"
  • Romania – $8,000
    Archdiocese of Bucharest: purchase 8 passenger minibus for "Love Me as I Am Assoc." Day Care center for disabled
  • Serbia – $70,531
    Exarchiate of Serbia: to buy back church property confiscated and sold by Government
  • Ukraine – $90,424
    Archdiocese of Lviv:  replace roof of the Archbishop's residence adn Curia building   
  • Ukraine – $45,212
    Diocese of Makachevo of the Bysantines: construction of new parish church in village of Onokivici, Uzhgorod
  • Ukraine – $69,627
    Archdiocese of Lviv: development of regional program to promote family values & prevent teen pregnancies & abortion

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The Middle East

  • Israel – $15,000
    Archdiocese of Haifa: restoration of Sisters' choir Monastery Notre Dame du Mt. Carmel - Carmelite Nuns   
  • Israel – $45,212
    Vicariate of Jerusalem: support activities for Hebrew-speaking Catholic youth

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  • Angola – $90,424
    Diocese of Huambo: construction of trade school overseen by the Cistercian Trappist Nuns Monaster Nassoma Y'Ombemba   
  • Angola – $90,423
    Complete Construction of Mariapolis Center in Viana
  • Burundi – $40,000
    Diocese of Bujumbura:  A.L.U.M.A - St. Francis Assisi prevention of Malaria - payment of salaries
  • Burundi – $150,000
    Episcopal Conference: construction of the National Major Seminary in Kiryama/Bururi       
  • Cameroon – $36,170
    Archdiocese of Yaounde: assistance to offer free medical exams &  hospitalization for those with HIV/AIDS St M. de Porres Hosp.
  • Cameroon – $54,255
    Diocese of Kribi: construction of the bishop's residence & Pastoral Center
  • Congo – $36,170
    Diocese of Buta: support for basic needs of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Servant of Buta
  • Congo – $90,424
    Diocese of Kisantu: construction of novitiate house Srs of St. Mary of Kisantu
  • Cote D'ivoire – $20,000
    Diocese of Yamoussoukro: inoculation program sponsored by Srs of Our Lady of the Incarnationto prevent spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Egypt – $34,361
    Servants of Our Lord and the Virgin of Matarà rent for 1 year a house for orphans in Alexandria
  • Ethiopia – $90,424
    Vicariate of Hosanna: construction of a Cathedral Church for the Ethopian Catholic Apostolic Vicariate   
  • Gabon – $76,861
    Archdiocese of Libreville: completion of construction of a boarding school , Daughters of Divine Love
  • Gabon – $65,105
    Diocese of Libreville: construction of a boarding school at Motherhouse of Les Soeurs de Sainte Marie
  • Gambia – $58,776
    Diocese of Banjul: consturction of a mltipurpose commercial building to make diocese more self-reliant
  • Kenya – $90,424
    Archdiocese of Kisumu: construction of an obstetric & children's ward at St. Clare's Health Center   
  • Kenya – $39,787
    Diocese of Machakos: to complete construction of Our Lady of Fatima Parish Church in Katoloni
  • Kenya – $90,424
    Catholic University of Eastern Africa: establishment of a multipurpose Clergy & Religious Hostel
  • Liberia – $34,361
    Archdiocese of Monrovia: repair of Pastoral Center
  • Mozambique – $45,212
    Archdiocese of Nampula: construction of convent for Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul to insure service to the sick
  • Myanmar – $45,212
    Archdiocese of Yangon: completion of restoration & preservation of Cultural Heritage of St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Myanmar – $90,424
    Diocese of Kalay: Renovation of building including roof of St. Mary's Cathedral at Kalay
  • Tanzania – $38,882
    Diocese of Tabora:  renovation of staff quarters at St. Paul's Senior Seminary in Kipalapala
  • Tanzania – $20,000
    Diocese of Morogoro: establishment of Fransilian Formation Sponsorship Fund to support candidates for priesthood
  • Togo – $67,818
    Archdiocese of Lomè: construction of church for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Atchanve
  • Uganda – $23,000
    Diocese of Masaka:  Construction of library & computer lab at St Theresea Secondary School Dghtr OF Mary Bannabikiira Srs
  • Uganda – $90,424
    Diocese of Jinja: expansion of the Queen of ApostlesPhilosophy Center 4 classroom, hall and permanent chapel
  • Uganda – $90,424
    Diocese of Lira: construct home for aged & disabled members of the Institute of the Missionary Srs . of Mary Mother of the Chruch
  • Uganda – $45,212
    Diocese of Mbarara: constrruction of 4 classrooms at St. Leo Primary School.
  • Uganda – $40,691
    Diocese of Fort Portal: renovation of the parish church in Kahunge
  • Zambia – $80,000
    John Paul II Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family: development of academic program to benefit other countries  

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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $45,212
    Exarchiate of Greek-Melkite Catholics: financial aid for completion of construction of O.L. of Perpetual Help Church
  • Argentina – $90,424
    Diocese of Lomas de Zamora: reconstruction of refectory Carmelite Monastery of Our Lady of Peace of Luis Guillon
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Diocese of Caraguatatuba:  complete the consturction of the Cathedral Church, Divno Espiritú
  • Brazil – $90,424
    Diocese of Santa Caterina: restoration of the Monastery of Santa Teresa of the Discalced Carmelites
  • Brazil – $45,212
    Diocese of Crato: complete construction of the Nossa Senhora da Vitirua Monastery chapel
  • Colombia – $31,649
    Diocese of Facatativa: purchase a used  bus to transport seminiarians of St. James the Apostle Major Seminary to classes in Bogota
  • Colombia – $90,424
    Diocese of Girardota: expansion & remodeling of Retreat House  for elderly & infirmed, Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy
  • El Salvador – $14,000
    Diocese of Jujuy: preservation of archival material of Franciscan Friars of San Salvador
  • Guatemala – $90,424
    Archdiocese of Santiago: Phase I construction plan  & construction of a hall & meeting room for St. Raphael Archangel Parish
  • Honduras – $32,553
    Archdiocese of Teguchigalpa: purchase of equipment for technical training for Girlstown operated by Sisters of Mary
  • Honduras – $5,000
    Diocese of Juticalpa: repair roof & ceiling of Monastery of Poor Clare Nuns
  • Honduras – $31,649
    Diocese of Comayagua: support Apostolic works of Franciscan Friars of Renewal
  • Mexico – $79,573
    Diocese of Texcoco:  remodeling of bathroom facilities & maintenance of roofs for "Cristo Rey" Seminary
  • Paraguay – $74,148
    Diocese of Ascuncion: construction of outdoor area of bleachers, stage & overhead covering for Youth Camp
  • Peru – $45,212
    Archdiocese of Piura: development of the "Strengthening the Work of Defending Life & Family" Program
  • Peru – $81,382
    Diocese of Huacho:  construction of library at the new Diocesan Seminary of Nuestra Senora del Carmen

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  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Diocese of Mymensingh, construction of Notre Dame College in Mymensingh
  • Bangladesh – $75,000
    Diocese of Khulna:  construction of a two-story at St. Joseph's High School   
  • Bangladesh – $90,424
    Archdiocese of Dhaka:  restoration & renovation of Archbishop's residence
  • Bangladesh – $90,424
    Diocese of Barisal: construction of a residential & pastoral facility for bishops and priests
  • Bangladesh – $90,424
    Diocese of Sylhet: purchase property to build basic infrastructure of the newly established  diocese   
  • India – $24,000
    Diocese of Palayamkottai: repair damage & rebuild roof of St. Michael's Parish in Cheranmahadevi   
  • India – $10,000
    Diocese of Eluru: construction of a chapel in Prakkilanka Village of  Tallapudi Mission
  • Kazakhstan – $54,255
    Archdiocese of Holy Mary in Astana: 1st phase of construction of convent for St. Claire Srs. Perpetual Adoration
  • Vietnam – $100,000
    Diocese of Hung Hoa: development of Sapa Parish as Missionary Center for NW region of Vietnam

The Pacific   

  • New Zealand – $90,424
    Diocese of Christchurch: rebuilding /retrofitting of the Bl. Sacrament Cathedral damaged by earthquakes 2010-2011
  • Philippines – $54,255
    Diocese of Dumaguete: construction of retreat center operated by Carmelite Sisters of Our Ladyon Island of Siquijor
  • Philippines – $67,818
    Diocese of San Jose de Antique: subsidize daily operational expenses of Diocesan Seminary of San Pietro
  • Philippines – $90,424
    Nueva Segovia Diocese: construcion of retreat house for Benedictine Nuns of the Eucharistic King in Vigan City

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  • Antilles – $ 90,424
    Archdiocese of St. Pierre et Fort-de-France: construction of archdiocesan administrative complex   
  • Cuba – $ 90,424
    Archdiocese of Camaguey: complete construction of the "Msgr Adolf Rodriguez Herrera Home for the Elderly"
  • Dominican Republic – $18,000
    Diocese of Roseau: restoration of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven   
  • Haiti – $15,000
    Hope for Haiti: support in operating three Sister-run nutrition clinics in Port-au-Prince
  • Haiti – $43,139
    Congregation of Missionaries of Saint Charles, Scalabrianians: construction of 100 individual fam. dwellings
  • Haiti – $64,708
    Diocese of Les Gonaïves:  construction of secondary & technical school at Saint-Marc Parish   
  • Haiti – $31,922
    Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince: construction of church for St. Paul the Apostle Parish in Furcy   
  • Jamaica – $69,022
    Formation & Training program of the current missionaries & future leaders of the Mustard Seed Communities
  • Jamaica – $69,022
    Archdiocese of Kingston: demolish & rebuild the frame of Rose Window of Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity
  • Trinidad/Tobago  – $69,022
    Archdiocese of Port of Spain: restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Europe and North America

  • Great Britain – $90,424
    Apostolic Nuncio in Great Britain: needs and management of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Ireland – $90,424
    County Waterford:  Repair and refurbishment of St. Mary's Abbey of the Cistercian Sister
  • Italy –$90,424
    Pontifical Gregorian University: funding of an International Symposium & "E-Center

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  • San Sergio Fund – $200,000
    For the Church in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • Paul  VI International Scientific Institute of Rome – $100,000
    For Research
  • Pontifical Council COR UNUM – $150,000
    Charitable works of the Holy Father
  • International Catholic Migration Commission – $50,000
    Sustain projects on behalf of refugees and migrants
  • Benedict XVI Foundation – $100,000
    Subsidize activities of John Paul II Institute on Marriage and Family
  • Pius XII Foundation for the Laity – $150,000
    Assist other international Catholic Organization
  • Centro Televisivo Vaticano-CTV – $150,000    
    Aquisition of an outdoor broadcasting unit
  • “News.va” – $100,000
    Creation of a single, unified Holy See online news portal
  • John XXIII International Cultural Center – $100,000
    Renovation of the building & fortification of buttresses    
  • Pontifical Council for Culture – $90,424
    Support of the nascent Pontifical Academy of Latin
  • Pontifical Council for Christian Unity – $27,127
    Assistance to seminarians of the Eastern Orthodox Churches

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