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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation has awarded support to over 100 programs and projects so far in 2015. Grants and scholarships have totaled $15,000,000 as of yet, and reach around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Estonia  – $70,000
    Apostolic Administration of Estonia to subsidize the pastoral work in Estonia
  • Hungary – $18,325
    School Sisters of Notre Dame-Hungary: Repair and stabilize the structure, drainage system damaged by extreme weather conditions
  • Latvia  – $55,958
    Archdiocese of Riga: To subsidize the operation of the Riga Catholic Gymnasium
  • Montenegro  – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Bar: Completion of the construction of St Peter's Cathedral
  • Russia  – $55,800
    Diocese of the Mother of God: To purchase an additional flat adjacent to the existing pastoral center of "Verbum Dei" Fraternity
  • Serbia  – $100,000
    Diocese of Zrenjanina: Renovate & construct a building for the offices of the Int'l Bishops Conf. Of St Cyril & Methodius
  • Serbia  – $28,400
    Archbishop of Belgrade: To subsidize the expansion of the printing office for the self-sustainment of the Archdiocese
  • Slovakia  – $ 33,630
    Archdiocese of Kosice: To complete external insulation of infrastructure of the Crisis Center and to equip the Center w/furnishing
  • Ukraine  – $70,000
    Archdiocese of Lviv: Installation of solar paneling for Monastery of the Holy Family in Hoshiv
  • Ukraine  – $100,000
    Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskiyu: To renovate Church, parish house and construct a socio-pastoral center
  • Ukraine  – $100,000
    Diocese of Kamyanets-Podilskyi: To create and equip the Museum of Martyrs of the 20th Century in Eastern Europe
  • Ukraine  – $86,196
    Archdiocese of Ivano-Frankivsk: To help with  reconstruction of the Major Theological seminary


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The Middle East

  • Turkey – $45,000 
    Archdiocese of Izmir: To complete the renovation of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Lourdes in the Diocese of Anatolia


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  • Angola – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Lubango: To construct a church & pastoral Center for the Municipality of Cacula
  • Benin – $100,000
    Diocese of Parakou: To construct a high school for the Diocese
  • Burundi – $40,000
    Diocese of Bujumbura: Subsidize the salaries of the staff members St. Francois d' Assise(anti-malaria) Center
  • Burundi – $65,000
    Archdiocese of Bujumbura: To construct a Philosophy House of Formation for the Carmelite Fathers of Déchaux
  • Burundi – $83,938
    Archdiocese of Bujumbura: To expand the Center for the formation of laity
  • Burundi – $35,367
    Diocese of Gitega: To construct a formation center for the Apôtres du Bon Pasteur et de la Reine du Cénacle
  • Cameroon – $81,290
    Diocese of Obala:  To construct a Formation House for the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales
  • Cameroon – $46,250
    Diocese of Batouri: To help purchase a tractor and rototiller for the Diocese
  • Cameroon – $100,000
    Diocese of Douala: To construct a technical college operated by the De la Salle Brothers in Douala
  • Central Africa – $100,000
    Diocese of Bimbo: To help purchase laboratory equipment for the Children Hospital of St. Peter Celestino V. in the Diocese of Bimbo
  • Congo – $81,925 
    Diocese of Pointe-Noire: To construct a nursery-Kindergarten school for the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres in the rural area of Mvouti
  • Eritrea – $90,700
    Eparchy of Keren:  To subsidize the cost of furnishing the Bhp's Curia and elderly priests' residence
  • Ethiopia – $14,720
    Vicariate of Awassa: Financial assistance for the construction of a multipurpose social hall in Yero Walla Zone Catholic Center
  • Ethiopia – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Addis Ababa: Financial assistance for construction of St John Paul II Integrated Socio-Pastoral Center
  • Ethiopia – $20,000
    Vicariate of Soddo:To fund a skills training program, "Mariam Women's Institute" for disadvantage girls& young women
  • Gabon – $22,703
    Diocese of Liberville: To construct a center for pastoral and biblical formation
  • Ghana – $50,000
    Archdiocese of Kumasi: To help purchase medical equipment to complete the infrastructure work for the HopeXchange Medical Center
  • Ivory Coast – $100,000
    Diocese of Yopougon: Reconstruct a former retirement home to be used as the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in the Diocese of Yopougon
  • Kenya – $100,000
    Diocese of Mueang'a: Equipping & furnishing Retreat & Conference Center
  • Kenya – $90,590
    Diocese of Kitui: Construction of a convent w/living quarters fo the General Administration of the Daughters of Jesus the Good Shepherd
  • Kenya – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Kisumu: Construct living quarters for the Benedictine Srs , Monastery of Tamu
  • Malawi – $19,200 
    Diocese of Malawi: Subsidize two-year pastoral program on Catholic Social Teachings for Catholic Parliament & Cabinet Members
  • Nigeria – $38,775
    Archdiocese of Ibadan: To construct a nursery/primary school in the village of Odo-Olooyo
  • Rwanda – $100,000
    Diocese of Nyarushishi-Kibeho: To complete Construction of Divine Mercy Amphitheater in the Marian Formation Centerter in Kibeho
  • Rwanda – $100,000
    Diocese of Kibungo: To construct a convent of the Banyatereza Sisters at Rukira Parish in the Diocese of Kibungo
  • Rwanda – $100,000
    Episcopal Conference of Rwanda: To construct a pastoral center in Runda, Diocese of Kabgali
  • Senegal – $100,000
    Diocese of Kaolack: To construct a church and presbytery for the new parish of St. John Paul II
  • Tanzania – $30,000
    Diocese of Moshi: Complete construction of the "Ongoing Formation House" for youth
  • Tanzania – $100,000
    Diocese of Kigoma: For the first phase of construction of the Diocesan Curial Offices
  • Tanzania – $ 97,500
    Diocsese of Bunda: Construct curial offices for the new Diocese of Bunda
  • Togo – $75,000
    Diocese of Lomé: To help construct the new church for the parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Togo – $100,000
    Diocese of Dapaong: To construct a medical center for HIV /Aids patients especially for infants and children
  • Uganda – $ 67,000
    Diocese of Arua: To construct a chapel for the students of the Muni National Teachers' College
  • Uganda – $ 28,700
    Diocese of Fort Portal:  To construct a chapel for the students of St John Mary Vianney Community School
  • Uganda – $ 71,920
    Archdiocese of Gulu:  To furnish classrooms, offices, library & computer laboratory of the University of the Sacred Heart
  • Zambia – $ 119,000
    Archdiocese of Lusaka: Construct a facility to house seminarians on the grounds of St Dominic National Major Seminary
  • Zambia – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Lusaka: Construct a dormitory for Poor Clare Sisters, Monastery of St Mary of the Angels
  • Zambia – $16,750
    Diocese of Ndola: Renovate the Kitwe Jesuit Community  House in Kitwe
  • Zambia – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Lusaka: Construct a TV Studio and purchase studio equipment for Zambia's Episcopal Conference
  • Zimbabwe – $50,000
    Archdiocese of Harare:  To construct a chapel for the University of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe – $5,000
    Archdiocese of Harare: To subsidize the Lay Formation Program of Holy Trinity College


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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $75,000 
    Diocese of Quilmes West: Financial assistance to renovate and enlarge the curial offices of the Diocese
  • Argentina – $36,315 
    Archdiocese of Buenos Aires: To subsidize the education of of 2 Intern  & 3 physicians in the Creighton Model fertility Care Method
  • Argentina – $ 75,000
    Diocese of Cruz del Eje:To construct a new monastery for the Monks of the Holy Cross Monaster in Cienaga de Allende
  • Argentina – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Buenos Aires: To complete the construction of the Parish Church of San Juan Diego Cuauhatlatoatzin
  • Argentina – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Buenos Aires: To construct a sport stadium for children and young adults adjacent to the parish Church
  • Brazil – $90,300
    Diocese of Salgueiro: Construct auditorium and 5 rooms to be annexed to the current curia building
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Diocese of Patos: To purchase a house with a capacity for fifteen seminarians studying at the Catholic University
  • Brazil – $74,400
    Diocese of Caruaru: Purchase materials for flooring,restroom facilities for three buildings for the seminarians and faculty of the Seminary
  • Colombia – $12,200
    Diocese of Málaga: replace altar bread machine for the Srs of the Visitation Monastery of Santa Mariá
  • Colombia – $ 100,000
    Diocese of Istmina-Tadó, Bajo Baudó: To help renovate the parish church of San Rafael in Pizzaro,
  • Colombia – $74,400
    Diocese of Sonsón--Rionegro: To complete the construction of the Chapel and bell tower of the Monastery of Jesus, Maria and José
  • Guatemala – $12,200 
    Diocese of Jalapa: To construct a House of Formation for the Novices in the Congregation of Marta y María
  • Guatemala – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Santiago di Guatemala: Construct a trade school for young people in the region of San Miguel Petafe for the Somaschi Fathers
  • Honduras – $75,000
    Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa: construction of a residence for 34 adolescent boys from rural and indigenous families to provide educational support
  • Peru – $100,000
    Diocese of Chimbote: To support the works of Centro de Obras Sociales (COS) y Maternidad de María
  • Peru – $100,000
    Prelature of Sicuani: To construct a major seminary, "Nuestra Señora de los Andes"
  • Peru – $100,000
    Diocese of Tacna y Moquegua: Complete and equip the bakery and pastry shop to provide job training for disabled
  • Peru – $29,262
    Prelature of Ayaviri : Development of a catechetical program for the Prelature
  • Suriname – $ 26,700
    Diocese of Paramaribo: Renovation of Presbytery of St Bonifacius Church
  • Venezuela – $27,931
    Diocese of La Guaira: purchase equipment for the operation of a parochial radio station
  • Venezuela – $ 30,000
    Diocese of San Cristóbal: To sustain the daily operations of the only Catholic newspaper, Diorio Católico


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  • Bangladesh – $100,000 
    Diocese of Rajshahi: Expansion of St Joseph's Adivasi Junior High School in Parish of Nobai to the high school level
  • Bangladesh – $100,000 
    Diocese of Mymensingh: Construct a two-stored hostel for indigenous girls studying at Corpus Christi High School in Jalchatra
  • Bangladesh – $ 92,139
    Diocese of Mymensingh: To construct a canteen for the student and facility of the Notre Dame
  • India – $90,536
    Diocese of Ahmedabad: Construct a parish church at Limdapura in the State of Gujarat
  • India – $ 62,500
    Diocese of Alleppey: Construction of the centenary memorial parish hall, Church of St Francis Xavier
  • India – $53,425
    Diocese of Ootacamund: Reconstruct measures to stabilize St Joseph's Higher Secondary School
  • Malaysia – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of Kuching: To subsidize the completion of a church for the parish of St Ann
  • Myanmar – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of Yangon: To support the work of the Agency for Basic Community Developmnt in the flood devastated Chin Land Region
  • Pakistan – $100,000 
    Diocese of Faisalbad:  To support the work of the Sisters of Loretto with the poor of the Diocese
  • Sri Lanka – $ 17,480
    Diocese of Galle: Renovate Sacred Heart Chapel of the Srs of Charity of Jesus & Mary
  • Thailand – $50,000
    Diocese of Kalay: To construct Sts Peter & Paul Parish Church
  • Timor-Leste – $100,000 
    Diocese of Dili-Timor: construction of new school for the parish of Nosso Senhora do Rosario de Oecusse
  • Timor-Leste – $100,000 
    Diocese of Maliani: To construct a student hostel/dormitory for the Immaculate Heart of Mary School


The Pacific

  • The Philippines – $100,000
    Archdiocese of Lipa: To construct the "St Joseph Freinademetz" Novitiate House of Formation
  • The Philippines – $100,000
    Dicese of San Jose de Antique: To complete construction and maintain the Antique Medical Center
  • The Philippines – $56,180
    Archdiocese of Lingayen: To construct a 10 room dormitory for the Poor Clare Monastery of St. James


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  • Cuba – $100,000 
    Archdiocese of San Cristóbal: Continued financial assistance for the support of Padre Felix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies
  • Haiti – $50,000 
    Archdiocese of Port au Prince: Construct a Passionist Seminary & Chapel
  • Haiti – $100,000 
    Diocese of Les Cayes: Build a residence for the clergy at Ste Thérèse de Derrière-Fort Parish with office space and meeting rooms
  • Puerto Rico – $50,000 
    Diocese of San Juan, PR: Subsidize the education Seminarians of the Piarist Fathers, Province of the US. & Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad – $50,000 
    Apostolic Vicariat of Trinidad:  To purchase a residence for the elderly of the "Living Water Community"
  • Trinidad – $100,000 
    Diocese of Kingstown: To construct an auditorium for St Martin's Secondary School
  • Virgin  Islands – $100,000 
    Diocese of St. Thomas: To support the works of the Catholic Schools and Catholic Charities of the Diocese
  • West Indies – $75,000 
    Diocese of Bridgetown: To repair and renovate the Presbytery of St Patrick's Cathedral for the senior priests

Europe and North America

  • Geneva – $64,729
    Permanent Mission of the Holy See:  To subsidize the lodging for two interns for two years  
  • Great Britain – $ 76,100
    Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham: To subsidized training of four seminarians of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
  • Rome – $100,000 
    Caritas Internationalis: subsidize cost of a conference on human trafficking
  • Rome – $160,000 
    John XXIII International Cultural Center: to subsidize the education of students from developing countries
  • Rome – $45,000 
    SIMI: to subsidize the work of the Scalabrini International Migration Institute
  • Rome – $43,200
    Centro ProLingua/ProLingua Int'l: Subsidize 6 month language study program for Religious & Priests studying at Pontifical Universities  
  • Rome – $100,000 
    Pontifical Gregorian University: Financial support of the "Centre for Child Protection  
  • Rome – $60,000 
    JPaul II Institute: To fund expansion of JPII Institute on Marriage & Family to new areas of Lebanon, Zambia, Korea,Colombia & Philippines  
  • Rome – $70,000 
    JPII Institute for Marriage: Subsidize chair, seminar courses, annual guest speakers & other activities of the Institute  
  • Sweden – $100,000 
    Diocese of Stockholm: Construct a church for the Chaldean refugees in Södertälje  


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  • Holy See – $100,000
    Subsidy to assist the Holy See's Strategic Communication Office of the Vatican



  • Caritas in Veritate International – $99,548
    Subsidize activities of Caritas in Veritate Int'l  to persecuted Christians and refugees in Iraq
  • ICLN: International Catholic Legislators'Network – $100,000
    Help fund the expansion of the ICLN in the Western Hemisphere
  • JESC: Jesuit European Social Centre – $7,000
    Support the activities of the JESC
  • ICRA (International Catholic Rural Association) – $7,000
    Help carry out the mission of the International Catholic Rural Association in 2016
  • MIAMSI (International Movement of Apostolate in Independent Social Milieus) – $7,000
    Continue the on-going work of the MIAMSI
  • AMI Secretary General – $6,000
    Subsidize the International General Assembly and Annual Conference in Santiago de Compostela
  • ICYCW – $ 33,550
    Subsidize activities for 2016 - "Work is the Way-Giving Young People Hope and Responsibility for their Future"
  • WUCT – $12,900
    Support the activities of the World Union of Catholic Teachers (WUCT)
  • Pax Press Agency – $86,100
    Subsidize the work of the PAX PRESS AGENCY in Geneva
  • CICIAM – $7,000
    Subsidize the work of CICIAM in its collaboration with the United Nations, council of Europe and others
  • ICCM (International Council of Catholic Men) – $6,000
    subsidize the continuing formation of the activities of the association
  • SIGNIS – $12,000
    Subsidize the operational cost of the World Catholic Association for Communication
  • MSCI – $35,000
    Help fund the formation of twelve missionaries of the Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica and Zimbabwe
  • ACISJF – $18,500
    Support the works of the International Society for Girls
  • IMCS (Pax Romana) – $8,500
    Funding for continued activities in evangelization of the Int'l Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs
  • WUCWO – $8,000
    Financial assistance to carry out the mission of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations
  • BICE – $100,000
    Financial assistance to carry out the work of International Catholic Child Bureau

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