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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation has awarded support to over 100 programs and projects in 2017. Grants and scholarships have totaled $15,000,000 as of yet, and reach around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Croatia – $30,000
    Repair heating system in the convent of the Servants of the Infant Jesus
  • Estonia – $70,000
    Subsidize the pastoral work in Narva located on Russian border and Kodasema Village
  • Latvia – $80,550
    Subsidize the operation of Riga Higher Institute of Religious Studies
  • Poland – $50,000
    Aid to construct a new facility for the care of boys with physical and mental disabilities for Dominican Sisters of Broniszewice
  • Poland – $50,000
    Reconstruct and refurnish a family life center run by the Congregation of the Sisters of the Mother of God of Loreto
  • Romania – $100,000
    Aid to complete construction of the new church dedicated to the Divine Mercy
  • Ukraine – $75,000
    Purchase and install a geothermal heating system at Saint Vincent's Parish
  • Ukraine – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a Benedictine Monastery for women


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  • Algeria – $94,790
    Restore the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cross
  • Benin – $32,000
    Purchase an electric generator for the house of formation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary
  • Benin – $100,000
    Construct a presbytery for St Francis of Assisi Parish
  • Benin – $100,000
    Develop an agricultural center to provide employment and formation to the youth of Ita Djèbou
  • Botswana – $100,000
    Fund the construction of a Pre-Primary school in the village of Kanye
  • Botswana – $100,000
    Construct additional classrooms, science lab and computer lab for St Kizito School
  • Botswana – $100,000
    Support those affected by HIV/AIDS and their families with various economic and education initiatives
  • Burkina Faso – $100,000
    Construct a private Catholic medical facility to treat children and pregnant women with malaria
  • Burundi – $55,790
    Subsidize the cultural, sport, and formation activities of the Centre Jeunes Kamenge
  • Burundi – $100,000
    Expand and furnish the Institute for Formation in Peace & Reconciliation
  • Burundi – $50,000
    Maintain and renovate facilities at Saint Paul de Buta Minor Seminary
  • Cameroon – $22,200
    Purchase equipment and consumable supplies for a palliative care unit of the Dominican Hospital of Saint Martin de Porres
  • Cameroon – $80,000
    Complete the construction and furnishing of Bishop's residence
  • Cameroon – $56,300
    Reconstruct a building to provide housing, library, and study facilities at Christ the King Secondary School in Obout
  • Chad – $100,000
    Construct the Fransalian Mission School for children aged three to fourteen, Missionaries of St Francis de Sales
  • Central African Republic – $57,650
    Construct classrooms, library and restrooms for the orphanage/school of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Congo – $50,000
    Construct a larger church for the parish of Saint Louis of Gonzaga outside of the city of Wembo,Nyama
  • Congo – $40,000
    Provide financial support for the Daughters of Mary Servant "Ba - Maria"
  • Congo – $21,000
    Purchase audiovisual equipment for music apostolate of the Society of Saint Paul
  • Egypt – $23,600
    Subsidize the cost of a year's rent for "Santa Cristina da Bolsena" home for adolescent girls
  • Ethiopia – $45,000
    Construct an initial house of formation for the Institute of the Apostles of Jesus
  • Ethiopia – $100,000
    Assist with operational costs associated with the medical clinic operated by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary of the Angels
  • Ghana – $100,000
    Construction of an orthopedic and physiotherapy unit for the Saint John Paul II Medical Center
  • Ghana – $37,000
    Construct a new roof for the Carmelite Monastery
  • Ghana – $29,118
    Complete the construction of Saint Matthew in the village of Kunsu
  • Guinea – $100,000
    Fund the "DREAM Program" sponsored by Sant'Egidio for medical and operational expenses to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS  
  • Kenya – $31,685
    Purchase land adjacent to the Novitiate House, which will be used for apostolic works
  • Kenya – $100,000
    Complete the construction of three "prayer houses" located  in Thuuru, Njia and Ntuti ,Blessed Virgin Parish in Kangeta
  • Kenya – $100,000
    Construct a convent and a security wall at the Saint Charles Lwanga Catholic Mission
  • Lesotho – $80,000
    Renovate and convert the former minor seminary into a retreat center
  • Lesotho – $90,000
    Construct a rectory for an emerging parish
  • Lesotho – $100,000
    Complete the construction of the Cathedral for the Diocese
  • Madagascar – $47,000
    Reconstruct the priest residence to include additional rooms, a larger chapel, a meeting room, and a storage space
  • Madagascar – $53,470
    Construct a new high school, Saint Marie High School
  • Morocco – $20,000
    Repair the roof of Our Lady of Victories Church
  • Namibia – $50,000
    Subsidize the establishment of a Department of Social Communication and Media
  • Nigeria – $100,000
    Complete the construction of a 43 room structure for the Priory of Saint Thoma Aquinas, Dominican Fathers
  • Rwanda – $62,519
    Assist the construction of a minor seminary for the Diocese
  • South Africa – $100,000
    Fund the construction of a multipurpose church hall for the parish of the Martyrs of Uganda
  • South Africa – $100,000
    Implement a state-of-the-art Micro-Grid solar energy solution for the parish, using award winning Green Tower technology
  • South Africa – $100,000
    Subsidize salaries for professors, support staff and supplement theology/philosophy collections at St Augustine College
  • South Sudan – $100,000
    Reconstruct the House of Formation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • South Sudan – $100,000
    Construct a house of formation for the Congregation of Saint Martin de Porres Brothers
  • South Sudan – $100,000
    Construct a retirement home for the archbishop 
  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Purchase medical equipment and an ambulance for Saint Theresa's Clinic  
  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Construct a presbytery for Saint Peter and Paul Parish in Kwaluseni
  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Restore the historic  "Little Flower Chapel"
  • Tanzania – $60,000
    Construct a multipurpose hall for the minor seminary in Chanjale
  • Togo – $75,000
    Construct the new church for the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Uganda – $95,345
    Construct a multipurpose hall for the Minor Seminary of Saint John Bosco
  • Uganda – $36,310
    Construct dormitories for the daughters of Merciful Love of Jesus and Mary Queen of Apostles
  • Zambia – $100,000
    Construction a wall around the Monastery of Our Lady Queen and Gate of Heaven, Benedictine Nuns


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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $100,000
    Purchase a building to be used as a social service center for the parish of Saint Paul the Apostle
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Complete the construction of a new building for the Major Seminary
  • Brazil – $100,000
    Construct a new episcopal residence
  • Colombia – $100,000
    Support Casa Papa Francesco to provide material & spiritual assistance to the needy in urban areas
  • Colombia – $95,000
    Prepare a Bishop's residence and Curial Offices
  • Colombia – $100,000
    Build a house, an auditorium and library for the Seminary of Our Lady
  • Costa Rica – $100,000
    Renovate the building of the Provincial House & Center of Formation of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate
  • Ecuador – $100,000
    Construct a house of formation, "Hogar Vocacional"
  • Ecuador – $55,905
    Purchase and install two washers and an industrial dryer at the Centro del Muchacho Trabajador
  • El Salvador – $99,900
    Support a youth program, Rescuing Values, Rescuing Our World for the New Generation
  • Guatemala – $100,000
    Construct a sports complex for the students of two boarding schools operated by the Sisters of Mary
  • Honduras – $100,000
    Construct a Boystown School in the Village of Amaratec run by the Sisters of Mary of the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa
  • Honduras – $100,000
    Construct a retreat house to be used for on-going formation, retreats & diocesan meetings
  • Honduras – $40,000
    Assist with the building of diocesan offices to provide meeting rooms and house diocesan archives
  • Nicaragua – $90,000
    Complete the building of a library for high school students and the local community
  • Nicaragua – $98,500
    Renovate the center for pastoral formation in the parish of San Jose
  • Nicaragua – $20,000
    Purchase medical equipment and supplies for The San Jose Hospital
  • Peru – $38,000
    Add a second floor to the parish complex of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
  • Peru – $42,300
    Subsidize 42 missionaries and 8 professionals as part of the Don Bosco Project-Ayaviri to evangelize the rural areas of Ayaviri
  • Peru – $100,000
    Complete the construction of the diocesan seminary of Nuestra Senora del Carmen


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  • Bangladesh – $70,000
    Construct a primary school for the poor and marginalized children
  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Construct a school for children in grades one through eight in a rural area of the parish of St. Andre Bessette, Diglakona
  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Fund the construction of a parish center and Cathedral rectory
  • East Timor – $40,000
    Construct a church at the Mission Station of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima
  • East Timor – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a high school in the rural village of Laclo
  • India – $50,000
    Construct a retreat center in the village of Meenachel, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu
  • India – $60,000
    Construct a church for the faithful in the Kisarda Village in Mehrauni, Lalitpur
  • India – $100,000
    Construct a skills training center for Dalit children in the village of Manikandam
  • India – $61,711
    Construct an addition to a social service center
  • Myanmar – $47,250
    Purchase a 10 acre plot of land for the National Marian Center of Our Lady in Nyaunglebin Parish
  • Pakistan – $77,400
    Maintain and repair the Saint Thomas the Apostle Minor Seminary
  • Thailand – $35,000
    Subsidize work of the Sarnelli House's Outreach Program to HIV/AIDS infected families
  • Thailand – $100,000
    Fund the project "Safeguarding Food Security of Myanmar Refugees in five camps in Thailand"


The Pacific

  • Indonesia – $98,154
    Construct the chapel of the Canons Regular of Jesus the Lord on Flores Island
  • Malaysia – $100,000
    Construct a Kindergarten in one of the remote villages of the Archdiocese
  • Malaysia – $100,000
    Assist with cost of constructing a chapel as part of the new Diocesan Pastoral Center
  • Philippines – $100,000
    Construct a retirement home for clergy of the Diocese
  • Philippines – $13,050
    Help the Brothers of Charity to establish a program to assist persons with disabilities to partially support themselves
  • Philippines – $26,086
    Complete the construction of the convent of the Canossian Daughters of Charity
  • Vietnam – $89,690
    Construct a church and houses for poor families, serve low-cost meals to hospital patients


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  • Cuba – $100,000
    Support the Padre Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies
  • Haiti – $36,625
    Reconstruct the rectory of St Gerard Majella, Chardonnette
  • Haiti – $100,000
    Renovate an old abandoned building for classrooms for the University of Notre Dame d'Haiti
  • Haiti – $100,000
    Construct a multipurpose complex for the Cathedral of Gonaives
  • Trinidad & Tobago – $41,200
    Digitize the 124-year Catholic News Archive
  • West Indies – $50,000
    Complete the renovation of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven, Commonwealth of Dominica


  • Great Britain – $50,000
    Subsidize the formation of 3 Seminarians and the preparation of 8 former Anglican Clergy for ordination
  • Rome – $100,000
    JPII Cultural Center: Subsidize the education of students from developing countries
  • Rome – $100,000
    Pontifical Gregorian University: Financial support to the "Center for Child Protection"
  • Rome – $54,000
    Subsidize 6 month language study program for religious and lay ministers
  • Rome – $41,077
    JPII Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family: Subsidize cost of programs
  • Rome – $30,000
    Support the costs of the annual International Congress JPII Institute for Studies in Marriage and Family 
  • Rome – $35,750
    Assist with expenditure for forthcoming International Congress for Catholic Action in Rome April 2017


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  • Vatican – $100,000
    Subsidize the Holy See's Strategic Communcations Office of the Vatican (DotCatholic)
  • Vatican – $60,000
    Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity: Financial assistance for students from the Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Churches



  • International – $50,600
    Support the efforts of ICMC Cares Project to train migrants for the paramedical field and to serve the elderly
  • International – $90,060
    Support the Pax Press Agency's efforts to report on the Church's work with the U.N. in Geneva
  • International – $10,000
    Support the mission of International Young Catholic Students to continue its work in the UN Institutions
  • International – $25,000
    Caritas In Veritate Foundation: Subsidize the operating cost of CIVF - Geneva
  • International – $22,500
    Fondacio: Financial assistance for administrative costs associated with the work of Fondacio in East and Southeast Asia
  • International – $7,000
    MIAMSI: Funding of various international forums to promote the Church's teachings in the social sector
  • International – $20,000
    Support the activities of the international confederation of associations, World Union of Catholic Teachers (WUCT)
  • International – $6,000
    Support men in their faith and in Family through the International Federation of Catholic Men Unum Omnes

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