Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio to Albania Highlights Mission Fund

Archbishop Charles Brown, Papal Nuncio to Albania highlights Mission Fund 

For almost fifty years, Albania suffered under one of the most brutal Communist dictatorships the world has ever known. Churches were desecrated and destroyed.  Many Catholics were martyred for their faith.  When freedom came in 1991, churches slowly began to be restored and rebuilt.  By 2017, one of the last towns with a significant Catholic population, but with no church, was Puka in northern Albania. 

For years, the Catholics had been worshipping in a prefabricated structure belonging to the convent of the Missionaries of Charity, the sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  Thanks to a generous donation from the Papal Foundation, in the summer of 2018, ground was broken in Puka for a parish church, which will be dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.  The work is progressing.  The Catholics of Puka are already proud of their new church and are deeply grateful to the Papal Foundation for making it possible.