John Paul II Scholars

Students from 42 Countries to attend Pontifical Universities

The Papal Foundation’s Saint John Paul Scholarship Program is awarding $800,000 in aid to students from 42 countries who are sponsored by their Bishop to attend a Pontifical University in Rome. This year we will welcome 101 renewal and new students beginning in October 2020.  The Saeman Scholars Class of 2020/21 are comprised of 56 clergy, 5 brothers, 34 religious sisters and 6 lay.  They will complete or begin studying for their Doctorate, Licentiate/Master's and Bachelor’s degrees.  Let us pray for these future leaders of our Church as they begin their studies.

Here is an example of the gratitude expressed by a scholar that received his Doctorate recently:

I take this opportunity to send you greetings. It has been a year since we communicated.

I have been doing well in my studies with the challenges of the Covid-19.

I have managed to finish well my doctoral dissertation in Liturgy and last Thursday 28th May 2020, I defended and graduated.

I am grateful to God and to The John Paul II program, for the scholarship and support you accorded me to pursue my studies. If it was not for you I could not have achieved this dream. It is a great honor to me and the Church in Kenya.

I am looking forward to going back to the diocese and accomplish what I have gained in my studies.

I continually keep you in prayers, may the Almighty God bless you abundantly……