“Rest assured that your commitment to spreading the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth will never go unrewarded.”

Father Julius Madaki first began studies in Rome in 2013. He received scholarship assistance for eight years from the Foundation’s Saint John Paul II Scholarship Fund. Father Madaki started his Licentiate studies at the Augustinianum Lateran University and completed his coursework and achieved his doctorate in Patristics earlier this year with a defense of his thesis, “Conversion through Baptism: Jovininian’s Heresy.” Father Julius will now return to his home diocese of Kaduna, Nigeria, where he will teach in the Good Shepherd Seminary and contribute to the formation of seminarians.

“I write to officially thank John and Carol Saeman and the entire Papal Foundation Family for the sponsorship I have enjoyed as a student in Rome. Words alone cannot express the sentiments of gratitude and appreciation in me. Studying under the auspices of The Papal Foundation has influenced my life in no small way. I cannot pay you back, but I promise to make you proud and be of service to the Church. I remain highly indebted to you for what my life has become because of your good intentions. I promise to keep you always in my prayers.”

Father Julius Madaki, Archdiocese of Kaduna, Nigeria

Your generosity has made Father Julius’ 8-year academic and spiritual journey in Rome possible! From all of us here in Philadelphia, thank you for your continued commitment to The Papal Foundation.