Our Mission

A Mission of Cooperation and Collaboration

The mission of the Papal Foundation is to serve the Holy Father and the Roman Catholic Church.

We do this by gathering in a corporal and cooperative collaboration of laity, clergy and hierarchy within the Church, in witness to one another of our faith, and drawing strength from the witness of the Holy Father.

We bring and contribute our faith, our energy and our financial resources, to serve those needs of the Church that are of particular significance to the Holy Father, always with a commitment to walk in union with the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church.

Through Our Faith, And Through Our Commitment to Service, We Are Renewed

Each day requests for help pour into the Vatican from every corner of the world. The Papal Foundation offers Catholics in America a unique opportunity to assist the Holy Father in responding with God’s love, grace and abundance.

In isolated mountain communities, developing countries and places of great suffering, the Church is hard at work delivering care and sharing the faith with vulnerable people. The needs are urgent and persistent.

Shelter for homeless adults and children

Hospitals and health facilities

Seminaries and scholarships to prepare future leaders

Relief for natural disasters and services for refugees, immigrants

Pro-life programs and education

Care for aging priests and religious

In 1988, the Papal Foundation created a sustainable approach to fund the Holy Father’s work now and in the future. Each Steward of St. Peter makes a $1 million gift to a carefully managed fund that annually delivers a portion of its resources to support the Holy Father’s responses.

More than $200 million has been awarded in grants and scholarships to projects and students all over the world.

As Christians living in abundance, we search for ways to respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters. Sometimes we can become overwhelmed with the options for giving. What better way to share our blessings than by working directly with the Holy Father as he shepherds and comforts God’s people?

Our Donors

Donors can be individuals, foundations or fraternal groups. Membership starts with a gift of $1 million. Those who choose to make this commitment become Stewards of Saint Peter and join a growing network of dedicated American Catholics in service to the Successor of Peter.

The vision of our founding members and the commitment of our Stewards has resulted in a fund that has grown to over $250 million with more than $200 million awarded in grants and scholarships.