Your Opportunity to Support The Work of The Papal Foundation

Each year The Papal Foundation’s Grants Committee reviews more grant requests from the Vatican than the Foundation is able to fund from its corpus.

The Foundation is pleased to announce that it has a new “Special Designation Gift” program to accept donations for specific grant requests that it is not able to fully fund through the regular grants process.

Below are two projects that were not able to be fully-funded owing to limited resources, but for which the Grants Committee would like to draw special attention to the general public. The grant descriptions below are for your consideration and if you wish to support the grant request financially, monies collected by the Foundation will be utilized in support of the respective project.


The minor seminary Saint Dominic Savio is the formation institution for students who want to be priests in the Diocese of Gracias. The seminary is in need of a new building for bedrooms to house the students, as well as the construction of study modules and the remodeling of the chapel and kitchen. With these improvements, the seminary will be able to accommodate more students and provide a better environment for formation and academic performance.

Please make a gift to support the Saint Dominic Savio minor seminary by making a donation.


Saint Mbaga Tuzinde Inter-Diocesan Major Seminary in the city of Sarh is an inter-diocesan seminary for all eight dioceses in Chad. The seminary currently has a capacity of serving 78 seminarians, but in recent years has served 90-121 at any one time and are having to turn away candidates owing to the limited room. There is a funding need for relocating the program into new buildings to serve those in the first year of their studies.

Please make a gift to the Saint Mbaga Tuzinde Inter-Diocesan Major Seminary by making a donation.

A ‘Special Designation Gift’ may also be made in support of the Foundation’s Mission Fund, or to the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Fund, which supports priests, women religious and seminarians from developing nations studying in Rome.

Support The Mission Fund

In 2008, the Flatley family in Boston contributed $10 million to the Papal Foundation for a special Mission Fund that would feed the hungry, tend to the sick, provide shelter to those with none, and otherwise support the charitable works of the Catholic Church throughout the world. The Flatley family had a special relationship with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta and supported her efforts during her lifetime and continue to support the eleemosynary work of the Missionaries of Charity through Mission Fund grants. The Flatley family has made generous donations over the years to the Fund, and other donors have stepped forward to contribute to it as well.

The Mission Fund – Doing Small Things With Great Love has awarded over $18 million dollars over the past 14 years to the poorest among us in more than 60 countries.

Mission Fund grants have created shelters for the poor, soup kitchens to feed the hungry and employment training for orphans and abandoned children. Mission Fund grants also help hospitals in poor countries to obtain medical equipment, and provides medicine, medical services, and food for the sick and hungry.

Please support the Mission Fund by making a donation.


Support the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Fund

The Saint John Paul II Scholarship Fund is a student support program that provides scholarships for priests, seminarians, religious and laity from developing nations where such resources are limited. Scholarship candidates are proposed by their local Ordinary or Major Superior to their Apostolic Nuncio for study at a Pontifical University in Rome.

All applications are then reviewed by the Holy See, which in turn presents applicants’ names and academic needs to The Papal Foundation. The Foundation makes the final selection, awarding a maximum scholarship of €8,000 per student per academic year for tuition and room and board only.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the program has provided more than $12 million in scholarships to over 1500 individuals, known as Saeman Scholars, to advance their education. These scholarships allow recipients to study in Rome and then return to their Dioceses, equipped to communicate the teaching of the Church’s Magisterium.

Please support the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Fund by making a donation.