Overview of Mission Fund

In 2008, the Flatley family in Boston contributed $10 million to the Papal Foundation for a special Mission Fund that would feed the hungry, tend to the sick, provide shelter to those with none, and otherwise support the charitable works of the Catholic Church throughout the world. The Flatley family had a special relationship with Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta and supported her efforts during her lifetime and continue to support the eleemosynary work of the Missionaries of Charity through Mission Fund grants. The Flatley family has made generous donations over the years to the Fund, and other donors have stepped forward to contribute to it as well. 

While the needs of the Missionaries of Charity continue to receive preferential consideration for grants, the Mission Fund also provides funding to other Catholic organizations, as recommended by the Vatican. The Mission Fund provided over $1 million in emergency grants around the world during the COVID pandemic. Mission Fund grants have facilitated the many good works done by organizations directly serving the poorest of the poor in communities around the world. It:

  • Created shelters for the poor, abandoned and orphaned
  • Supported the creation and funding for soup kitchens to feed the hungry
  • Provided the care, education (including college), medical needs and employment training for orphans and abandoned children
  • Trained adults in employment skills to help them find work
  • Provided transportation for people to get to medical care
  • Helped hospitals in poor countries to obtain medical equipment, as well as provided them with medicines and medical services
  • Provided nutrition and food for the sick and hungry

If you have questions about the Mission Fund, please contact [email protected]

million dollars have been distributed