Job Opportunities

Since its founding in 1988 The Papal Foundation has provided more than $225 million in grants and scholarships to Roman Catholic charities, religious and educational organizations serving the most vulnerable in developing nations around the world. In 2024 alone The Papal Foundation awarded support to more than 120 programs and projects recommended and endorsed by the Holy See. The Papal Foundation is proud of the impact that the right resources prayerfully given can have on marginalized communities. Tens of thousands of families, widows, orphans and children suffering from hunger, hopelessness, abuse and trafficking have been comforted and provided loving environments with the Foundation’s support.

The good works of The Papal Foundation have been funded by the generosity of a select group of North American philanthropists who have each donated $1 million or more to support the Foundation’s mission of fostering the projects that the Holy Father has expressly prioritized, including the building of churches, schools and hospitals around the world. With more than $240 million under management, the strategic goal for the next decade will be to grow the Foundation’s endowment to $1 billion, raise the profile of the Foundation in the Catholic community and expand its operations to appeal to a new generation of donors.


The Vice President of Steward Development works independently and with Foundation Trustees, Stewards, staff and other key stakeholders to identify and recruit North American Catholic philanthropists who will make a seven or eight-figure gift to support the good works of the Foundation and assume the title Steward of Saint Peter.