“With the immense love and tenderness of God, we, the Missionaries of Charity and the poor people whom we serve, thank you for your great gift.”

The Missionary of Charity Sisters give wholehearted and free service to the poorest of the poor. In February 2021, Mission Fund grants were given to the Missionaries of Charity in Chad ($20,000) and in Syria ($60,000) for the education of village children, and food and medicine for the sick. In the words of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “The aim of the Missionary Sisters of Charity is to devote themselves heart and soul and exclusively to the material and spiritual welfare of all destitute people, the helpless poor, neglected children, the abandoned sick, lepers and deserving beggars-in short all those unfortunates who, either through their own neglect or through lack of public concern, are left to drift through life without help or hope.”

“Our work of love for the less fortunate, the unwanted and unloved is very beautiful and yet very demanding. The Syrian people are suffering very much because of difficult situation here. We Sisters try to help them – “just a drop in the ocean” lessening their suffering. Our foundress – St. Teresa of Calcutta used to say: “that we give until it hurts, without counting the cost…We are privileged to serve Christ in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor – with our humble work, and we do it with great joy and gratitude. Our fervent prayer is our gratitude for your gift. Please so keep us in your prayer that we may not spoil God’s work. May God bless you and reward you. Your loving, grateful Sisters, Missionaries of Charity”

Missionaries of Charity, in Aleppo and Damascus

Please keep all the Missionaries of Charity around the world in your prayers, especially those Sisters serving in Haiti and Afghanistan during these very difficult times. They never cease to amaze us with their love of and service to the most vulnerable!