“With the new houses built for them, there is hope for their families. They are inspired to work hard now. Hope for them is a gift from God.”

We just received great news from The Daughters of Jesus, one of our 2020 grant recipients in El Salvador City, Philippines, and we had to share it with you!

The Daughters of Jesus were founded in Spain in 1871 for the purpose of educating children and youth, especially women and the poor. The Congregation serves in 19 countries throughout the world.

The Sisters work in the depressed areas of El Salvador City, Philippines, visiting three barangays (neighbourhoods or villages) to pray and minister to the people. Many people in these areas presently live in small, corrugated metal or wooden huts with thatched or metal roofs.

In 2020, the Sisters wanted to provide a simple house for 30 families, 10 families from each barangay. The grant request was for $45,000, which was approved and, while there were delays in construction due to COVID-19, the project was completed on June 30 with a total of 30 homes built!

“I thank the Lord for this blessing given to my family. I have six children and they are very happy with the house funded by The Papal Foundation through the help of the Hijas de Jesus sisters. We now have a dignified life we can call our own — an inspiration too for our children to study hard, pray hard and keep our FAITH. My husband too is working hard to earn and improve our house for our children.”

Marivic, a New Homeowner

The house of Gina Ocharona, a widow with four children, was burned in October 2020. Gina said, “My children are very happy with our new house because for some months we were living desperately in a shanty owned by my mother in law. I am so happy and thankful for the new house that the sisters Hijas de Jesus facilitated for us. Thank you too to Papal Foundation for the financial support given to the poor people here. My children are always looking forward to go home to a house they can call their own. Thank you!”

Leny Talasan and Tata’s house. Lenlen: “My family is big with four children and since they are all  girls, they are so thankful with the new house built for the family. Every night we pray that we will be included in the housing project. Thanks God because He heard our prayers, and so thankful  to the sisters for helping us have this house. Thank you so much Papal Foundation. And to all the benefactors who gave us the money to build our house. Thank you so much for all your efforts. We can only repay you with all our prayers. Thank you again!”

Jenelyn’s House. Jenelyn: “I have  only one son and how I wish that my son will grow to be good boy. The house built for us is really a blessing to my family. I thank God for the  blessing given to us. Thank you too to the Hijas de Jesus sisters who worked hard to look for funds just to let us build this house. My family is thankful to Papal Foundation  for this financial support. Thank you too for all benefactors of Papal Foundation. We will pray that you can help  more people here in our country.”

“We have noticed tremendous changes in their lives. The goal of the project is to alleviate poverty holistically. Before we just catered to mothers and children but after the project the men and fathers of the families started to be aware of their responsibilities to their families and to God. Many Fathers are joining the Basic Ecclesial Community prayer session every Sunday and their children have become more aware of the importance and the values of education in their lives. Their dignity as children of God is more enriched.”

The Hijas de Jesus Sisters

From all of us here in Philadelphia – Jane, Ann, Fran, Jim and me – Thank you for your generosity. Your kindness is making a profound difference in so many lives!