We pray for all those suffering from religious discrimination and persecution; may their own rights and dignity be recognized, which originate from being brothers and sisters in the human family

Fraternity is a marriage of love and faith. It calls us to be compassionate and drives us forward to recognize our brothers and sisters to the fullest capacity regardless of religious, socioeconomic or other status. A call not only to recognize God given dignity but to honor it. In Galatians 5:13 Christ compels us to use our freedom to serve one another through love. A love that is made manifest in fraternal love and mutual respect.

In an introduction to A Document on Human Fraternity signed by Pope Francis in 2019, it reads, “Faith leads a believer to see in the other a brother or sister to be supported and loved. Through faith in God, who has created the universe, creatures and all human beings (equal on account of his mercy), believers are called to express this human fraternity by safeguarding creation and the entire universe and supporting all persons, especially the poorest and those most in need.”

Practicing compassionate and true fraternity calls us to suffer with those who face persecution, poverty, and isolation. A call to be present to the body of Christ in a world rife with indifference. Let us pray that God enlivens our hearts and unites us in our common humanity.

Chenele Shaw – Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network