We pray that those who risk their lives for the Gospel in various parts of the world inflame the Church with their courage and missionary enthusiasm.

Good and Loving Father: Because we have been saved by your Son Jesus, the deceiver and father of lies hates us and stirs up persecution that, from the time of Jesus and of the early Church, continues to this day. The martyrs have had the grace to confess Jesus to the end, unto death. They suffer, they give their lives, and we receive God’s blessing for their witness. May the memory of these ancient and recent heroic witnesses confirm us, O Lord, in the awareness that the Church is Church due to the sacrifice of martyrs. We pray to you today for the new hidden martyrs, those men and women faithful to the gentle power of love, to the voice of the Holy Spirit, who in their daily lives seek to help their brothers and sisters and to love God without reservation. The Church needs those who have the courage to accept the grace to be witnesses to the end, even unto death. They are the living blood of the Church, they are the witnesses who lead the Church forward; those who attest that Jesus is Risen, that He lives. May we learn through their coherence of life that with the strength of love, with meekness, we can fight against arrogance, violence and war. and with patience we can achieve peace. Amen