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Recent Grants

The Papal Foundation has awarded support to over 100 programs and projects in 2018. Grants and scholarships have totaled $15,000,000 as of yet, and reach around the world.

Eastern Europe
The Middle East
Central and South America
The Caribbean
The Pacific

Western Europe and North America
The Vatican

Eastern Europe

  • Albania – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a parish church in Puke

  • Estonia – $60,000
    Subsidize the works of the Church in Estonia

  • Georgia – $66,488
    Funding for a children's center that offers children ages 5 to 18 support by providing counseling, nutritious food, assistance with homework, recreational activities and training

  • Latvia – $71,410
    Assist with paying the salaries of teachers and school administrators at the Catholic Gymnasium

  • Lithuania – $91,170
    Restore a convent and evangelization center in Utena

  • Poland – $25,000
    Convert a former nursing home into an early childhood center

  • Russia – $21,580
    Construct a church for St. Joseph Parish

  • Slovakia – $38,000
    Assist with the reconstruction of the pastoral center of Saint Vendelin Parish

  • Ukraine – $65,000
    Assist with construction for the curial offices of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kiev 

  • Ukraine – $15,000
    Purchase computers and technology for the Media Center of the Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference of Kiev

  • Ukraine – $90,000
    Construct a combined monastery and youth center to address the needs of children of migrant workers 

The Middle East

  • Palestine – $100,000
    Assist with the expansion of the Nursing and Health Sciences bulding of Bethlehem University


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  • Angola – $30,000
    Construct a formation center for The Missionary Benedictine Sisters to support women in education and self-reliance

  • Burkina Faso – $100,000
    Construct a convent for the Sisters of the Annunciation

  • Burkina Faso – $88,800
    Construct a cultural center for youth

  • Burundi – $85,000
    Construct a new house of formation for the Sister Canonesses of the Holy Spirit who engage in catechetical, healthcare and the care of orphans

  • Cameroon – $75,000
    Expand the house of formation for the Sisters of Saint Ann

  • Cameroon – 79,000
    Support the De Salle Brothers in the construction of a vocational school to train men and women with skills that will make them economically successful

  • Cameroon – $100,000
    Support the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny to further the construction of a pre-school and elementary school 

  • Central African Republic – $42,460
    Construct a house of formation for associates of the Sisters of the Infant Jesus

  • Eritrea – $100,000
    Renovate the bathrooms, kitchen and refectory at the minor seminary

  • Ethiopia – $100,000
    Construct a Catholic Coordination Center for evangelization and social services

  • Ethiopia – $98,000
    Expand St. Mary Catholic Kingergarten run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Christ

  • Ethiopia – $100,000
    Equip a physics lab at a university

  • Gabon – $11,860
    Funding for workshops to maintain sacramental and historical records

  • Ghana – $100,000
    Construction of Bresillac Catholic School

  • Ghana – $100,000
    Construct a new seminary complex at St. Mary's Minor Seminary that will include a chapel, library, classrooms, dining hall and dormitories

  • Kenya – $42,712
    Purchase ultra-sound and x-ray machines for Kakuma Mission Hospital

  • Kenya – $70,000
    Construct a residence for refugee priests and religious in need  of physical & psychological assistance and continuing education

  • Lesotho – $44,000
    Install a new roof at St. Ann Ha Mokhoro Church

  • Lesotho – $100,000
    Complete construction of St Patrick's Cathedral

  • Lesotho – $75,730
    Replace the roof and do repairs at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Hermitage

  • Mozambique – $40,000
    Construct a house of formation for the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales

  • Namibia – $50,000
    Add bathrooms and a kitchen to apartments which the Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku rent to local workers 

  • Namibia – $100,000
    Complete St. Boniface parish church which serves as a pre-novitiate for the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

  • Namibia – $100,000
    Construct a Catholic primary school with the first phase of funding for a block of four classrooms

  • Nigeria – $100,000
    Construct a pastoral center located in Patani and run by the Sisters of Our Lady Star of the Sea

  • Nigeria – $100,000
    Construct additional classrooms at the Oswald Waller College of Education

  • Nigeria – $60,000
    Complete construction on a retired priests' home for indigenous clergy

  • Rwanda – $100,000
    Construct a center of formation for vulnerable women in Rilima for the the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Heart

  • Rwanda – $65,000
    Complete construction on a house of formation for Carmelite Friars

  • Rwanda – $41,300
    Complete the convent of the Daughters of Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus who have been assisting the local Church with education and health care

  • South Africa – $30,131
    Purchase land and assist with construction of a parish hall and classrooms at Christ the King Parish

  • South Africa – $35,000
    Subsidize the printing of an Afrikaans hymnal for the people of South Africa and Namibia

  • South Africa – $27,000
    Purchase medicine for Saint Anthony Clinic staffed by the Srs. of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • South Sudan – $100,000
    Complete construction of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish church

  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a parish hall for Sacred Heart Parish in Shiselweni

  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a rectory at St. Ignatius of Loyola Church in Siphofaneni

  • Swaziland – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic High School

  • Tanzania – $88,000
    Construct a laundry building at Kwiro Health Centre

  • Tanzania – $90,000
    Construct a social health center to provide medical and psychological support to the poor and marginalized

  • Togo – $100,000
    Assist with construction and furnishing of a welcome center in Lomé

  • Togo – $75,000
    Complete construction of and furnish Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

  • Uganda – $100,000
    Construction of an infirmary for the Brothers of Christian Instruction

  • Uganda – $100,000
    Construct a regional convent for the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel

  • Uganda – $74,164
    Complete construction of the Shrine to Our Lady of Fatima

  • Zimbabwe – $44,496
    Purchase computers and furniture for a computer lab at Empandeni Girls' High School

  • Zimbabwe – $46,800
    Fund the reestablishment of a Catholic newspaper to reach the faithful


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Central and South America

  • Argentina – $92,986
    Renovate Saint Gemma Monastery to accommodate new vocations

  • Argentina – $23,860
    Subsidize tuition, accommodations and travel for training in NaPro Technology

  • Brazil – $32,902
    Support educational and cultural initiatives at a social institute founded by the Sister Mediatrixes of Peace

  • Brazil – $42,000
    Construct a novitiate for a Carmelite Monastery of St. Mary Mother of God

  • Brazil – $100,000
    Construct a seminary building so that the diocese can provide training

  • Brazil – $92,052
    Construct two churches for indigenous people

  • Chile – $60,000
    Support a conference by The Chilean Catholic Institute for Migration 

  • Colombia – $25,000
    Purchase a building to be used as a bishop's residence

  • Colombia – $100,000
    Complete construction of a spiritual center and residence for the Dominican Sisters of Bethany

  • Costa Rica  – $97,000
    Support pro life work of Asociacion Opciones Heroicas by providing healthcare, legal support, baby care and training to women

    El Salvador – $17,140
    Construct a convent chapel for the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate

  • El Salvador – $50,000
    Support a vocational skills and human formation center

  • Honduras – 40,085
    Renovate a building to be used for curial offices

  • Nicaragua – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a cathedral for the new Diocese

  • Nicaragua – $100,000
    Construct a convent and chapel at Maria Reina de la Paz youth center

  • Peru – $100,000
    Construct and equip a tuberculosis clinic

  • Peru – $100,000
    Support the work of COSMA: Ayacucho Mental Health Commission (Brothers of Charity)

  • Peru – $100,000
    Support the work of Centro de Obras Sociales, "Maternidad de Maria" and hostel for abandoned youth

  • Venezuela – $50,000
    Construct a new building for a vocational training center at Holy Spirit Parish


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  • Bangladesh – $67,427
    Construct a rectory for Saint Joseph Church

  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Construct a wing for theological studies at the Holy Spirit Major Seminary

  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Purchase land to be used for a cathedral

  • Bangladesh – $100,000
    Construct a bishop's residence and curial offices

  • China – $29,000
    Funding to support training programs provided by the Service Centre for Religious Women

  • India – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of a minor seminary

  • India – $96,137
    Assist with the construction of a cathedral for the new diocese that would also offer a location for retreats, meetings and other initiatives

  • India  – $87,024
    Support neo-natal and child services at Holy Family Hospital

  • Mongolia – $100,000
    Assist with the purchase of a building to be used as a church and parish center for Divine Mercy Parish in Erdenet

  • Myanmar – $70,000
    Construct a convent and a home for the sick and those recovering from drug addiction for the Franciscan Sister of Our Lady of the Chin

  • Myanmar – 80,000
    Purchase equipment and subsidize the operating expenses of Saint John's High School

  • Pakistan – $16,586
    Support St. Joseph's Girls' Boarding School run by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary

  • Pakistan – $26,358
    Construct a church at a mission station

  • Pakistan – $100,000
    Build an auditorium at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul so people could attend diocesan events

The Pacific

  • Malaysia – $100,000
    Assist with construction of a new monastery building for the Teresian for Carmelite Nuns of Kuching

  • Philippines – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of an infirmary for the Missionary Catechists of St. Therese of the Infant Jesusa Congregation of Sisters

  • Philippines – $65,000
    Complete renovations of St. Lawrence the Deacon church

  • Solomon Islands – $100,000
    Construct a spiritual and educational center 

  • Timor Lest – $100,000
    Construct a youth hostel for children aged 6 through 18 for the Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima

  • Timor Lest – $100,000
    Construct a security wall, install pipes for water, and purchase medicine and food for the Srs. Of Saint Paul of Chartres


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  • Bahamas – $100,000
    Repair Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Academy after hurricane damage

  • Cuba – $100,000
    Support the work of the Padre Félix Varela Institute of Ecclesiastical Studies

  • Haiti – $65,000
    Complete the first phase of construction at Our Lady of Fatima School

  • Haiti – $30,000
    Construct a new school building to accommodate children through the ninth grade for the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King 

  • Haiti – $100,000
    Support the Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital which serves 80,000 children yearly

  • Jamaica – $100,000
    Complete construction of Good Shepherd Medical Center



  • Greece – $100,000
    Assist with the construction of the church of the Most Holy Trinity

  • Rome – $100,000
    Support the collaboration between Sections and Associations of the John Paul II Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences

  • Rome – $100,000
    Subsidize seminars and publications of the John Paul II Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences

  • Rome – $100,000
    Support John XXIII International Cultural Center, Rome

  • Rome – $18,140
    Support the work of Alleanza Solidale in assisting refugees who are living in Rome


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  • Vatican – $100,000
    Subsidize the Holy See's Strategic Communication Office

  • Vatican – $100,000
    Subsidize scholarships to Orthodox students studying at Catholic universities


  • International – $16,360
    Support the activities of the International Movement of Catholic Students - Pax Romana which promotes social change, human rights, sustainable resources and interreligious dialogue

  • International – $15,750
    Support the International Young Catholic Students which works with teens and young adults, promoting involvement and advocacy

  • International – $15,000
    Support the work of the International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants with projects in Swaziland, Zambia and Kenya

  • International – $7,000
    Support the work of the International Movement of Apostolate in the Independent Social Milieus

  • International – $20,000
    Support the World Union of Catholic Teachers through workshops and lectures 

  • International – $10,000
    Support the work of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations 

  • International – $4,500
    Support the work of the International Council of Catholic Men

  • International – $62,000
    Support the work of the Denis Hurley Peace Institute with human rights reform in Swaziland, gang presence in Lesotho and political unrest in Zimbabwe

  • International – $49,152
    Support PAX Press Agency who produce reports that are broadcast on various networks including EWTN, Vatican Radio and Catholic News Service

  • International – $49,560
    Support three catechists who will serve the Eritrean and Ethiopian communities in Western Europe

  • International – $65,000
    Support the Centre for Child Protection at the Pontifical Gregorian University

  • International – $100,000
    Coordinate the work of the Catholic-Inspired NGOs Forum

  • International – $100,000
    Support the work of the World Youth Alliance to promote human dignity


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