The Papal Foundation recently named David Savage to the role of executive director. Savage, who has a background in marketing and nonprofit leadership, will be responsible for addressing Pope Francis’ priorities for relief, education, and services for vulnerable and underserved communities around the world.

“As Catholics we’re called to love our neighbor, and that means all people, whether they are Catholic or not, and whether they are next door, or half-way around the world,” said Savage, who has 25 years of executive experience in direct-to-consumer marketing. “What I love about our Church is that we are universal.  And what I love about The Papal Foundation is that its reach is global. So we are united with those on every continent.”

The Papal Foundation, founded in 1988, awards grants and scholarships for initiatives such as shelter for homeless adults and children; support for hospitals and health facilities; seminaries and scholarships to prepare future leaders; relief for victims of natural disasters; services for refugees and immigrants; pro-life programs and education; and care for aging priests and religious. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, the organization has awarded more than $190 million in 121 countries. 

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