PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Papal Foundation, whose mission is to serve the Holy Father and the
Roman Catholic Church through faith, energy and financial resources, announced $9.2 million in
grants to support the growth of the Catholic Church and help those most in need in developing
nations around the world. Dioceses in sixty-four countries will receive grants to fund various
initiatives including:

  • Building and repairing churches and chapels;
  • Opening a dialysis center in a Catholic hospital;
  • Constructing libraries, laboratories and schools;
  • Renovating youth and children’s centers that host camps;
  • Supporting environmental initiatives around plastic waste and access to clean water;
  • Educating orphaned youth and intellectually disabled children;
  • Housing retired religious in homes, rectories and convents;
  • Purchasing surgical equipment for a Catholic teaching university; and
  • Fighting human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children.

“The Holy Father has identified urgencies throughout the world, and The Papal Foundation is
committed to working diligently to address his priorities to house, educate, heal, and feed individuals
in need,” said Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Chairman of The Papal Foundation Board of Trustees. “In
addition to providing for these basic human needs, The Papal Foundation is helping create the
physical infrastructure to allow the faithful to receive the sacraments and practice their Catholic Faith.”

The Papal Foundation’s work aligns with Pope Francis’ recent visit to the Middle East and his
message to the faithful that we are called to rebuild Catholic buildings there, and also care for each
other and develop a unified Christian community in this part of the world.

“At The Papal Foundation, we are doing just that, funding projects and initiatives that support the
Catholic Church’s presence in the Middle East and mission to educate children, offer vocational
support for adults, and provide for medical needs in these countries,” added Eustace Mita, President
of The Papal Foundation Board of Trustees.

“So, yes, we need to rebuild these buildings that are physical manifestations of our Faith, but it is
much more than that. By responding to the Holy See’s requests, we are doing our small part to build
the bonds of community Pope Francis referenced. We are building connections between the hearts of
the faithful and our Lord Jesus Christ,” Mita concluded.