Saeman Scholars from five continents will study in Rome as part of the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Program

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Papal Foundation, whose mission is to serve the Holy Father and the Roman
Catholic Church through faith, energy and financial resources, has awarded $798,244 in scholarships to 96
Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Lay faithful on five continents, providing them the opportunity to study at 16
universities in Rome as part of the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Program.

Since its founding, the program has provided nearly $13 million in scholarships to more than 1600 individuals,
known as Saeman Scholars, to advance their education and prepare them to return to teach in their own

“We are committed to then Pope John Paul II’s vision to prepare Catholic leaders and educators for service,”
said Eustace Mita, President of The Papal Foundation Board of Trustees. “We aim to ensure those called to
build up the Church all over the world are trained and prepared to lead in their own dioceses.”

In 1998, Saint John Paul II envisioned providing scholarships for tuition, room and board to seminarians,
priests, religious sisters and laity from disadvantaged countries, allowing them to study in Rome and then
return to their dioceses to teach future Church leaders in a way that is faithful to the Magisterium. The
program launched in 2000 thanks to the wonderful generosity of John and Carol Saeman of Denver, CO,
who made an initial $5 million gift that was matched by The Papal Foundation.

Applications for the Saint John Paul II Scholarship Program are received by the Vatican Secretariat of State.
Scholars sponsored by their home dioceses and demonstrating need are then recommended to Carol and
John Saeman and The Papal Foundation for final approval.

“To play a role in the formation of leaders in the Catholic Church is a blessing,” added Dave Savage, the
recently named Executive Director of The Papal Foundation. “Saint John Paul II will always be remembered
for the lessons in leadership he personified, which is one reason we at The Papal Foundation are
honored to carry forward his vision of training scholars who can then most effectively lead their flocks. We
remain grateful for the incredible generosity of John and Carol Saeman, who make this work possible.”